Bull Riding Sears Centre – Catch the Excitement!

Bull Riding Sears Centre

Professional Championship Bull Riders presents the ultimate thrills for fans of classic extreme sports! At very affordable ticket prices, you’ll get an unforgettable sports experience like none other. At PCB, we showcase both veteran professional bull riders along with the sport’s most exciting new stars – all competing in the arena on top of the biggest, toughest, bucking bulls in the world. It won’t take long for new fans to realize why Bull Riding Sears Centre is known as the most exciting eight seconds in sports!

Bull Riding Sears Centre

Bull Riding Sears Centre – Saturday, February 2 and 3 – Affordable Tickets – Great Seats Available!

If you’re new to the greatest eight seconds in sports, here’s a brief Bull Riding Sears Centre primer to get you up to speed:

*A qualified ride must be at least eight seconds. The official clock starts as soon the bull’s shoulder “breaks” the plane of the gate while exiting the chute. The clock is stopped when: the rider’s hand comes out of the rope; the rider makes contact with the ground: or the rider’s free arm contacts the bull.
*Typically there are four judges who score each rider and each bull using a scale from 1-25. Points are totaled up and divided in half to result in a rider score and a bull score, with each between 0-50. Those scores are then added to get a final score of between 0-100.
*Bull are scored on degree of difficulty to ride. Judges watch drops in the front end, kicks in the back, spins, and directional changes.
*To get a score, a rider must last at least eight seconds on the bull.
*If the bull’s performance is poor or if a foul happens during the ride, judges may choose to offer the rider another chance to ride.